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Background Information

The current management of money by central banks results in a widening gap between rich and poor in many regions worldwide. We are facing a global underclass that can barely make a living, regardless of how hard they work or how much money they manage to save. Formerly, the still prominent Dollar was backed by gold or the Euro by the value of its economic strength, today the central banks are printing banknotes to perpetuate the global financial casino, where 99% of us have been moved in debt relations. In 2004, the Terra initiative suggested a global currency based on a basket of goods, backed by multinational companies. Inspired by the GraDiDo project, the OCCupy CUrrency values community work with a base income and taxes members sharply to finance public services. OCCCU is intended as a starting point for further discussions as a complementary to traded currencies and regional alternative money initiatives. OCCCU can be used immediately anywhere. It innovates the way we do business and values community or family work.