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Within the first three months, we need to check that you get the OCCCU basic income only once. Currently we are able to check your credit card ID or CACert ID to upgrade to normal membership.
When you are transferring a small contribution with your credit card, this allows us to assign the card holder's name with your account. Users from Europe or North America are requested to do this regularly and support OCCCU with a minimum contribution of € 1,50 per month. See the FAQ section for different types of memberships.


Our ID

Contact us at info at occcu dot com or +43 508020 620.

Concept by Natalie Brunner, Karin Feuerstein, Christian Rettenberger, Diana Eglseder, Bianca Abbrederis, Christopher Robosch, all students at the InterMedia course at FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, coached by Dr. Roland Alton. Text and graphics released under a Creative Commons license.

OCCCU is hosted by the co-operative

Your ID can be verified with a one-time donation or a monthly or annual subscription, which can be cancelled anytime.